My business

During my studies, i have been part of a young and dynamic team, whose main areas of interest have been the administration of Windows NT networks and the developement and maintenance of client/server database applications. The homepage of this IT team can be found at

After my studies, i became developement manager in the IT section of a mobile commerce company named C-Com One. We offer location-based services, personalized mobile news and product information and mobile dialogue / SMS games. For more information, please refer to the C-Com One corporate site or the web page for the Kompazz service.

Summarizing this, i have gained many years of experience in software developement (data warehousing, e-commerce), client/server database systems (MS SQL Server, Oracle 8i), operating systems (Windows NT, Linux/Unix), and several other applications.

At present, i am running applications for an occupation in the IT business. If you think that i come up to the expectations of your company and meet the requirements for an employment, please contact me under You can find my resume (in English language) or my IT profile (in German language) on this web page.

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